WonderFox DVD Video Converter 8.6

WonderFox DVD Video Converter designed for your digital life and family sharing. It provides a total multimedia solution in easiest way. If you're looking for recovery of some shelf space, consider backing up your media library so you can stow those media resources away in box with this program. You can transfer the all of media files to your home server/smart router, and then watch it on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Tablet without format and compatibility issues.

Expert Reviews: WonderFox DVD Video Converter is an efficient and well-rounded piece of software, when it comes to converting audio and video files, as well as grabbing clips from the Internet. The expert tests did not pick up on any errors or crashes.

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17 votes Vote

Download progress bar should cover whole process

anon, 21.10.2015, 12:34
5 votes Vote

Have chapter marks added to the video

When converting a DVD to a video file it would be useful to include the DVD chapter marks for video formats that support chapter marks such as MKV.
Brian, 21.10.2015, 13:37
4 votes Vote

have the surround sound track added to the video file

When converting a DVD movie have the surround 5.1 sound track included in the video file for video formats that support it. This could be an option.
Brian, 21.10.2015, 13:40
1 vote Vote

Convert to H265/HEVC

It would be great to convert media to H265/HEVC, but that option is not available to try out in this version. It is listed on the main product website that it is a feature.
P Anderson, 21.10.2015, 12:56
0 votes Vote

Use "OK" not "Yes" in single-button dialog boxes.

noname, 21.10.2015, 12:26
0 votes Vote

not available.for Mac

GOTD has so much interesting software that I and I'm sure other Mac users would love to try. It's time to stop discriminating against us. After all, MacOS is just BSD.
Ron Rabin, 21.10.2015, 10:09
0 votes Vote

Convert to H265/HEVC

Patrick Anderson, 21.10.2015, 12:26
0 votes Vote

Flowchart to convert any source to any destination

Help the extreme novice by using a two-dimensional table and/or a flowchart to show the conversion setup from any source file to any destination file.
Dan Knorowski, 21.10.2015, 13:21
0 votes Vote

Snapshot of menu when backing up a DVD

Would love the opportunity to see and possibly capture a static image of a DVD's main menu when digitally backing up a disc.
PapaBruno, 22.10.2015, 06:59